Message from Concordia

I have always believed that affordability does not mean you have to skimp on the details. In today’s senior living communities, affordability should go hand in hand with all the conveniences and services that are attractive and desirable to seniors. My challenge, and my goal, is to build senior care facilities that offer seniors all the conveniences and services they need in a comfortable, home-like, and affordable setting. By using innovative building techniques and by sharing services, this is exactly what we aim to achieve in our Concordia Senior Communities.

Concordia Senior Communities will be senior care developments that provide care for seniors who have a variety of strengths, interests, and needs. The purpose of the Concordia concept is to allow seniors to age in place. This means that as a senior requires more care or assistance our community must have the services in place to continue to care for them. Therefore, Concordia Communities will be organized around the concept of a continuum of care. The various residences at the Concordia Communities will enable seniors to remain at Concordia even as their needs for services and care increase.

This continuum of care will include different types of senior living facilities such as Independent Living Residences, Adult Care Facilities including Enriched Housing and an Assisted Living Residence housing Special Needs Assisted Living Residences and Enhanced Assisted Living Residences, all designed to comfortably serve the changing needs of seniors.

It is also important not to lose sight of another main Concordia mission – affordability. Concordia Senior Communities is built around the principal that quality care and affordability can go hand in hand. The various residences at the Concordia Communities will share services that will result in great efficiencies and cost savings for the residents. Shared services will include marketing and hospitality services, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, and food service and dining.  By sharing these services among multiple residences within each Concordia Community, affordability will be achieved for residents who will still be able to enjoy excellent care, services, and amenities.

It is my aspiration to build these affordable yet high-quality Communities throughout New York’s Hudson Valley Region and on Long Island. As a New York native myself, it is essential to me that all the Concordia Communities have strong ties and interactions with the surrounding neighborhoods and communities where they are located. In fact, the Concordia concept is purposely designed to bring the community together. The various Concordia Senior Communities will include public areas such as auditoriums, non-denominational chapels, beauty parlors, and convenience stores. Moreover, at some Concordia Senior Communities, the local community, side-by-side with Concordia residents, will be able to enjoy a Wellness Program and Health Club that will include wellness lectures, aerobic classes, a fitness and exercise center, an outdoor pavilion, and an indoor pool. Truly, the Concordia goal of enriching quality of life is inclusive to all who live in and around Concordia Senior Communities.

Through Concordia, I believe that I will be able to achieve my goal of providing affordable care to seniors in a desirable setting, not only because of the services provided but because of the pressing need for such services in New York State.  A report by the New York State Bar Association Elder Law Committee’s subcommittee on Long Term Care has also shown the importance of such projects in our state, recognizing that “In New York State, during the 30 year period between 1995 and 2025, the 60 and older age group is expected to grow 4.4 million, an increase in 30%.” The accelerated growth of the State senior population highlights the need for senior housing and care facilities with increasing demand.

I, along with the Concordia Team, am excited to bring our concept of exceptional, affordable senior living to the residents of New York State’s Hudson Valley Region and Long Island. I hope that you will find that Concordia Senior Communities will provide unmatched care and services to seniors, as well as become community centers for the surrounding towns, offering innovative and unique programs and services that are of benefit to all.


Ronald J. DeVito
Founder and CEO, Concordia Senior Communities

by the New York State Bar Association Elder Law Committee’s subcommittee on Long Term Care