The Concordia Difference

Concordia Senior Communities offer a new and unique concept in senior living and care. Read on to learn more about the Concordia Difference!

Opportunity and Choice

At Concordia, we believe that our seniors should have opportunity and choice. As such, Concordia Senior Communities offers a diverse array of dining, activity, living and care options to best meet the specific and individualized needs of the each resident. In addition to this, residents are encouraged to participate in day-to-day operations through our various committees, allowing residents the opportunity to brainstorm with staff to make positive changes that will enhance their living experience at the Community.

A Commitment to Wellness

A holistic approach to health and wellness is a hallmark of Concordia Senior Communities. Improving and maintaining our resident’s physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual health are central to the Concordia mission. To achieve this, Concordia Senior Communities offer partnerships with physicians practicing both traditional medicine as well as osteopathic and homeopathic medicine. Mental health services and emotional health services both treat existing or new conditions, as well as provide residents with techniques, tips and services to maintain or improve a healthy outlook on life. These services include traditional mental health services through our partnerships with psychiatrists and psychologists, but also stress reduction classes, breathing and relaxation classes as well as support groups related to a variety of diseases and conditions.

Our intellectual health services are centered on helping to enrich our resident’s lives while helping to maintain and increase intellectual acuity. Our “Brain Power” program helps seniors to sharpen their senses and exercise their most important “muscle”: the brain. Our Exploration Program offers residents a diverse array of fun, exciting and educational activities and programs, sparking interests in new hobbies and reintroducing residents to favorite past activities.

Our programs are also modified based upon the level of care in the Community, ensuring that activities and events are appropriate and interesting to residents with varying abilities

Affordable Luxury

Concordia Senior Communities team members are some of the most experienced and innovative professionals in the country. Because of this, the building design and development as well as the programs and services have been structured specifically to maximize luxury while minimizing costs. Through a variety of specialized techniques, Concordia Senior Communities team members are able to streamline building and operations and can pass those cost savings down to our residents. Shop around and you will see: Concordia offers top notch services and amenities at a competitive price.

The Concordia Signature Program

One of the most unique components of the Concordia Communities will be its Signature Program. Under the umbrella of the Signature Program will be the Wellness Program, Health Club and Exploration Program.

The Wellness Program will, of course, feature medical services for illnesses and diseases by physicians, either by way of an association with a physicians group that specialized in geriatric care, or by an association with a nearby hospital. Concordia will provide space within the Concordia Complex for on-site medical consultations, examinations and treatment by physicians.  What makes the Wellness Program unique will be its emphasis on the prevention of illnesses and disease through a comprehensive program designed to educate Concordia’s residents on how to stay well and healthy. For this part of the Wellness Program, access to well recognized osteopathic and homeopathic physicians who practice alternative forms of medical care, as well as physicians who practice traditional forms of medical care, will be provided.

The medical care to be provided in Concordia’s Wellness Program will be augmented by the Health Club. This will include a variety of coordinated exercise and health classes including yoga and flexibility training in a state-of-the-art Fitness and Exercise Center. Specialized and individualized instruction will be available to residents to help them meet their health, wellness and fitness goals.

The Exploration Program at Concordia Senior Communities is a way for seniors to maintain their hobbies, re-engage in past interests, and learn and experience new and exciting opportunities. The Exploration Program at Concordia Senior Communities is designed to meet the specific needs and interests of the residents at each of the Concordia Communities. An example of opportunities within the Exploration Program include day and overnight trips and excursions, educational classes such as cooking or cake decorating, nutrition and health, wine tasting and exploration, golf fundamentals, etc. will be offered. In addition, a variety of health and wellness lectures from respected physicians, book readings and signings from well-known authors, and musical and theatrical performances are often included in the program. The Exploration Program is also resident-led: Therefore, the residents at each Community help determine the events and activities offered, ensuring that the program is tailored to the individual interests of the Community’s residents.

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